There is no camp like COTR Christian Academic Camp.  We’ve missed our campers and have prayed for the safety of our children. We have been blessed to know that you miss us too! The phones are ringing and We Will Be Back!
While you’re waiting, join Church on the Rock in our
3rd Friday Night Youth Activities.  
Special services; Game Night; Movie Night…plus more!  
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COTR Christian Academic Camp

Pastoring a progressive church with many working members and a host of active children provides endless opportunities to serve the ministry and the community. Observing the quandary that numerous families encountered in obtaining appropriate daycare especially during the summer months, Bishop Pitts was diligent to seek a solution. Her resourcefulness not only filled the needs of her membership, but also the contributed a vital resource to members of the community who also desired quality summer daycare services.  The COTR Christian Academic Camp was birthed in 1997 as a product of Bishop’s vision from the Lord to minister to those parents and their children who attend the camp. Under the direction of Bishop-Elect Linda Latimer, the original staff consisted of three teachers, three teen assistants, one van driver, a secretary with two adults provided After Care, while, Bishop-Elect Latimer, the director, monitored Before Care.  The small staff served about 50 kids. Although the camp started small – the staff had “BIG” ideas regarding respect for children, high academic standards, as well as a commitment to share the love of Jesus. Most memorable for that first year was the Friday trip when the children and staff filled the van and the chartered bus for the weekly outing. In that sense, the camp still operates with its initial spirit of excellence although it has grown in size and programs. The thematic mode of its Christian Education, Art, Physical Education, bi-weekly swimming programs, in addition to the weekly trips and a strong academic support approach have caused COTR Christian Academic camp to be ranked with the best facilities in the area.  Now, 15 years later, servicing 100 children with 20+ staff members, the qualities that define it as a top-notch childcare program remain, being enhanced with continually with the love of God, the drive for excellence and the genuine concern instilled in every phase of the Church on the Rock ministry. Simply put, it keeps getting better each year. The camp is truly blessed; by the end of the camp season, it is usually 80% full for the upcoming year!   For more enrollment information please contact us at: To register, call us on (302)-429-9305. Having a director who has a heart for the children under her care and who also loves her staff has been another of God’s blessings to Church on the Rock Ministries.  When asked about the success of the camp, Bishop Linda boldly declares, “Putting God first coupled with a Godly, dedicated staff has allowed us to do some amazing things.”     1005866_268757869933372_1649178272_n544382_273524972789995_151768141_n     Special Moments from Camp 2012 ~