New Book: My Life is in HIS Hands!

Life began for little Marcia in the ghetto with a poor, Godly mother who had her share of disappointment.   How could things get better for her? Marcia was rejected by her father, but cherished by her mother.  However, love doesn’t buy groceries, new clothes or keep a roof over your head. It was during these times that Marcia found out that despite her own agenda, God had a real plan for her life, whether she wanted him to or not.   
Her Momma was always praying, but could prayer get her far, far away from the other side of the tracks?
‘My Life Is in His Hands’ is proof that sometimes, life gets worse, before it gets better. It’s also the reassurance that God will do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can ask or think… when you put it all in HIS hands.
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