After the death of her mother, the late Bishop Josephine Jones, Elder Marcia Pitts went on a three-day shut-in to seek God for direction concerning His will for her future. While, traveling back to her home, the answer came as God spoke instructing her to “start the work I’ve given to you.”  This word from the Lord initiated the fulfillment of a twelve-year prophecy over Marcia’s life and confirming the vision for the ministry that is now Church on the Rock Ministries, Inc.

The ministry was established January 8, 1992 with its first bible study in the home of the pastor’s daughter, Mrs. Linda Latimer). Even when she ministered as an evangelist Elder Pitts always introduced herself as the pastor of Church on the Rock Ministries; therefore acknowledging that the name had been preordained, the seven attendees of this first service fully endorsed it as the name for the ministry based upon the scripture:
And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter: and upon this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (St. Matthew 16:18)

As the Lord blessed, bible study flourished, evolving to include morning services. The first Sunday morning service was held in the basement of the home of our Pastors Joseph & Marcia Pitts on February 16, 1992 with twenty-two people attending. The turnout was especially inspiring for the pastors, and undeniably encouraging for the new membership. Our services outgrew the basement; so to accommodate the increasing number of participants, we moved to the Opera House in Old New Castle, Delaware.

As the congregation grew, it became evident that a larger building was needed. One day while in prayer, (On July 6, 1992) the Lord spoke a simplistic, but powerful rhema word to Elder Pitts. He said, “I’m going to bless you today.”   Around 11 A.M., she and Assistant Pastor Joe received a phone call that Cornerstone Church located at 28 Queen Avenue was for sale.  After viewing the property, the congregation agreed unanimously with the pastors to purchase the property before the opportunity was gone. Undaunted by the price of the church or the substantial down payment the sellers asked for, COTR stood on the Word of God and claimed the location as their future home.

Pastor Pitts and her faithful congregation were able to raise the necessary funds without a single chicken dying for a church dinner. Instead, the entire amount needed for the down payment was raised by the congregation as a whole through personal contributions.  The parishioners collected all their silver change weekly, depositing it into a barrel-like container which was kept at the church and emptied as it was filled. Pastor Marcia Pitts contributed a personal inheritance and because she and Pastor Joe believed God, they put their home up as collateral for the balance.  God blessed COTR to go to settlement, purchasing this beautiful edifice on October 31, 1992.  The miracle did not end there, but God enabled the church to pay its mortgage in full within five years! Indeed He “…is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think according to the power that worketh in us” (Eph. 3:20)!!

About two months prior to his homegoing, the assistant Pastor, Elder Joseph Pitts began to speak to the church that life was temporary and that we should build our hopes on things eternal. Acting on God’s promises and sustained by His Hand, Elder Marcia Pitts continued to preach and teach the word of God throughout her husband’s illness.  On December 2, 1993 at 9 o’clock in the evening, God called His servant, Pastor Joe, home.  From the smile on Pastor Joe’s face, we know God said to him; “well done thy good and faithful servant.”  Elder Pitts did not mourn the death of her husband, instead she trusted the occasion as God’s will, absolutely certain that Pastor Joe is with the Savior.

In preparation for the tasks that lay ahead, God enabled Elder Pitts to obtain the academic credentials necessary to fulfill the next segment of His vision for this ministry.  On June 8, 1995, Pastor Marcia Pitts received her doctorate of Divinity degree from Jameson’s Bible College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Pleasant – a facilitator at Jameson College, became aware of the great work that was going on at the Rock. She contacted Dr. Jameson to nominate Elder Pitts to receive an honorary doctorate of Divinity from that prestigious institution.  Again, the favor of God was visited upon this ministry and His servant.

After receiving her doctorate, Bishop Pitts was led to establish the Training for Service School of Ministry, a series of teachings designed to lay a solid Word and experience based foundation in preparing ministry candidates to successfully fulfill the call of God on their lives.  Currently, Church on the Rock, Inc. provides courses for Elders, Ministers, and Deacons, and offers a course for the teacher of God’s word.  MIT classes are scheduled from November to May. More information may be obtained by contacting the church office.

Steadfastly obeying the vision God has revealed to Bishop Pitts, the Church on the Rock established its Christian Academic Camp during the summer of 1998.  As the vision continues to unfold, this ministry looks forward to incorporating the use of multimedia communication (television, radio, website, etc.) instituting the J. L. Jones Christian School as well as establishing various shelters and other programs involving outreach ministry.

October 2, 1999, God elevated our Pastor to the Bishopric giving her charge over five churches. Bishop Pitts presently presides over 5 churches, overseeing Prayer Temple Church on the Rock – Bishop James Price, Sr., New Birth Ministries – Bishop Francine Baise,   Church on the Rock East – Presiding Elder Emmitt & Bishop Linda Latimer, and Upper Room  Blood Washed Church – Pastor Vanessa Ushery and Bethany Praise & Worship Center – Pastor Michael Cox.

Most recently, the Lord directed Bishop Pitts to conduct “Monthly Healing Services” at the Church on the Rock. As always, He has been in the midst, performing signs, wonders, and miracles.  Standing determinedly on the concept that praise, worship, and daily prayer is a key element to having an intimate connection with God, the Church on the Rock emerges as one of Delaware’s most progressive and highly anointed ministries.  Under the incomparable leadership of Bishop Marcia Pitts, an inimitable preacher and teacher whose unambiguous teachings and lifestyle has brought her to the forefront for ‘such a time as this,’ the Church on the Rock has been a lighthouse in the community, and a place of refuge for the souls blessed through its ministry.

We appreciate your prayers and support as we endeavor to walk ardently in the evolving vision the Lord has appointed to this ministry through His faithful, loving servant, Bishop Marcia Pitts.